Matt Elliott speaking

 photo: Victor Malkievic sent by Synch's press center.

A few days ago I did an interview with Matt Elliott, who will be coming to Athens for the Synch Festival which will be taking place on the 4th and 5th of June @ Technopolis.

So here's what he said...

The last time you were in Greece it was for the Yiann Tiersen concerts. In June you will be in Athens for the Synch Festival. How do you see the greek audience? Do you get any feedback from Greeks for you work? Do you feel any kind of connection? 
Well, fortunately I have many Greek fans and I am always happy to play in Greece, the last time i played Athens as Matt Elliott it was a wonderful night. I get good feedback from the Greeks that i talk with.

Do you believe that the greek economic crisis will affect your concerts?
Well of course it’s harder for people to go out, and it’s hard for many of my friends over there. I’m not sure if and how it will affect my concerts but that is not as important as how the Greek people will react. I think in many ways Greeks are ahead of Europe and it’s my hope that Greece will find a way to get out of this trap set by international institutions such as the IMF and blundered into by Greece’s corrupt politicians. My hope is that the Greek people will be the first to say enough!

In your songs one can find political messages. Do you believe that music can make a difference in this world? Can it make a change happen? 
I’m not sure, it’s hard to tell. I’m not sure that anyone's mind has been changed by a song but perhaps exactly that has happened countless times. The main reason i inject some politics into my songs is basically to say to the listener “you are not alone in thinking that this system is fucked and is fucking us and is regressive to the point that it is holding back human progression. That most if not all of our leaders are psychotic and need help but not power and wealth, you are not alone in thinking this.”

As Third Eye Foundation you wrote electronic music, while as Matt Elliott we find you in more dark folk melodies and tunes. Which of the two do you prefer the most?
I enjoy both (if enjoy is the right word) i prefer playing live as Matt Elliott because it´s direct, it´s impossible to play a 3ef tune live from scratch there’s simply too much so all you can do is add details whereas with Matt Elliott i sing and play everything. Recording 3ef is much more intense, I really enjoyed recording Howling Songs and so far I’m enjoying the next Matt Elliott.

Which means that you are in the studio?
There will be a new Third Eye Foundation towards the end of the year and a Matt Elliott album hopefully early next year. I’ve already started it so we’ll see how it goes. 

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